In this video, I'll share 

  1. Some of the cool things I've done (I could do a whole video on just this)
  2. How we ended up in Longmont and why we love it here
  3. And why I should be your real estate agent of choice when it comes to selling your home


I  joined Nesting Rock Properties for a number of reasons. First, for what it is not. It is not a big corporate franchise. This allows me to be who I am instead of who 'they' need me to be. This means I can serve you the way you want to be. Second, I joined for what it is. Nesting Rock's owner, Dennis Batchelor, has the highest ethical and moral standards. I won't settle for less, why should you? Finally, I joined Nesting Rock because Dennis and I complement each other. We're like peas and carrots, or chocolate and peanut butter. One without the other just isn't the same.